Sunday, March 18, 2007

Slightly miffed at the Sunday Times

I'm sort of miffed today at the Sunday Times and Mark Tighe. Mark's piece about the use of youtube by the PDs and the upcoming election appears to be a piece of advertising for the PDs use of YouTube. My own piece " You pay taxes" has had 4 times the traffic that the PD's A Vision for Ireland and was nominated for a Blog Award but doesn't rate a mention.

Richard Delevan and I had a discussion about the issue of election spending limits and the use of Youtube back on Jan 2nd of this year in the comments on his post on negative advertising. Basically, the big cost will be on the production side. And I agree with the comments of Simon McGarr that the contributions of Ciaran Cuffe and Dominic Hannigan are the most effective examples of the format. Short, frequent and focused. Long wandering sagas just bore people.

There again I spent the whole of Paddy's Day doing battle with the flu using the heavy artillery of Lemsip Max so that might be affecting my humour.


Harry McGee said...

Dan, I'm also sniffling. The blogosphere must contain contagious viruses.
I'll have to look at the discussion on Richard Delevan's blog because once the clock starts ticking on the election (whenever that is), anything that's posted up on the web will come under the banner of election expenses (even if the costs are negligible or non-existent).
It's an interesting departure because the web is huge in the States but still relatively peripheral here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Not sure how the story miffed you. The reason I was talking about the PDs and not your video was because they hired a production company to make their videos.

These production costs will count as election expenses, according to SIPO, if they are online in the 3 weeks prior to the election. They can't magic the expenses away as you said back in January on Richard Delevan's site.

Unknown said...

Mark, like I said I was slight miffed. Just slightly miffed that doesn't mean I'm off on the boat to Timbuktu having unleashed a plague of vermin on the ST offices. Anyway, the reason I was miffed is that it is the article itself what would give the PD clip a boost online which it wouldn't have had otherwise.

And I kinda felt the votetube clips could have gotten some more exposure, at least one of the three stills could have been Mr Potato which is at least funny and also makes a political point.

I get the production costs angle that you referred to but the fact remains that the PDs ended up get a profile in the ST from the article which was due to the production costs while other clips such as Ciaran Cuffe or Dominic Hannigan or others myself included (poor little old me) haven't rated a similar mention previously.

Thanks for commenting though.

Anonymous said...

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