Friday, March 06, 2009

Maire Hoctor - Not ready for Prime Time

Regular readers will know that I've a certain view of Maire Hoctor TD based on my continuing astonishment that she is a minister for state. Following on from her contribution to the Oireachtas, her performance on Prime Time should be compulsory viewing for all media trainers. Here it is for those that missed it.

It is hard to understand how bad the rest of the Fianna Fail parliamentary party must be that she is a minister for state.

P.S. I do apologise for the slight movement in the clip, though it's not on the level of Cloverfield or the Blair Witch. And I did add some very minor commentary of my own.


gammagoblin said...

O.O Holy shit! The person who *accidentally* included the outtakes in the final broadcast version is a hero!

Anonymous said...

So who do you believe any more. So Prime Time is just a staged production where the interviewees get the questions in advance and the program makers dive in to save a Government Minister from making a complete ass of herself. At least someone had the sense to hold up the text of her answers in the final take - at least she can read.

Unknown said...

God help me but I had thought that Prime Time was live. I think after this Prime Time must tell us what is live and what is pre-recorded, and not alone pre-recorded but how many takes were involved. As licence payers (and yep I am one) we're entitled to that much.

Sully said...

Fuck me sideways that was awkward to watch! Quite the bumbling tard indeed.

Anonymous said...


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