Thursday, October 12, 2006

NUI election process

I'm going to attempt to blog my way through the Seanad election process, in part as a means to open up the process to the great mass of people. And slightly as a form of therapy for myself!

First off, some of the costs involved. The NUI Seanad register costs all of €140 for each copy, both the hard copy and electronic copy versions. They update it every year and it is released into the wild on June 1st. Now that could mean that people need to have two copies if the election takes place after June 1st. A significant issue when you consider that the more recent graduates are probably closer to home.

I've not bought a copy yet. Well, it is hardly suitable bedtime reading material. It would seem likely that the register consists of home address for graduates, which given how many of them have flown the coop in recent years and attempted to clamber on the property ladder makes the darn thing next to meaningless for the older graduates.

It should also be noted that current members are advantaged in having an allowance of Oireachtas envelope available to them. This is of considerably more advantage in their case when you consider the dispersed nature of the Seanad electorate. Is it any wonder no one seems to beat an incumbent?