Monday, June 16, 2008

Lisbon:Lisboa - where do we go from here?

Two quick thoughts

One, if other EU members states decide to bully us then I think we should remind them that the EU was founded on the principle of equality amongst member states and we should be prepared to veto stuff up and down the agenda if they want to play the heavies. And we should be prepared to reach out to other members states in the event that some seek to move ahead.

Two, regarding funding and air time for referenda, is it possible that the government is concerned about having the referendum on children's rights because they would have to give air time to people who hate children? I mean the rules aren't that stupid that if we had a referendum on the age of consent that we should have to give time and money to those who would argue for no age of consent at all? Are they?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One time Fine Gael candidate suspected in demonic attack on Ceann Comhairle

I got sent this by someone in the past week or so and I had to plead repeatedly with all the sincerity I could muster that it really wasn't me in the image. This despite it looking very much like something I would do and even something I might wear. Those silky jump suits are such a Gitmo YSL tribute outfit. And that Wizard-Vampire look is so flattering for the more amply proportioned gentleman, and the purple brings out the demonic in the eyes.

Still the resemblance is there, and on reflection it might have made a much better poster that the real deal four years ago.

Local Elections 2004 Poster 3