Thursday, April 03, 2008

Unmistakeably German

An interesting play on national stereotypes

Interestingly there are a series of viral mini ads with the cast and crew. Between you and me, the old Wagner is quite stirring.

Minster for Defence channels Colonel Abrams

The Limerick Post has a real contender for Photo of the year for this article.

Seems like the minster for Defence is channelling semi one hit wonder Colonel Abrams

Oh, oh he's trapped.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

And we're back!

After the little problem earlier, has returned by means of a trip to the home of President G.W. Bush (oh God what have we done!)

In other news, legal action is to be take against people pubs discussing the Late Late. offline - is Fianna Fail seeking to gag discussion?

Pi.e has gone off-line this afternoon and one wonders if the legal notice regarding a matter tangential to the Tribunals is being used by members or representatives of Fianna Fail as a means to prevent any and all discussion for matters concerning Bertie's problems.

After all, we're repeatedly told An Taoiseach has nothing to hide. What have they to fear? What do they not want people to hear?

Pants on fire!

I apologise for the quality. I'm throwing this up in case people missed the Late Late on Friday with Dunphy and Harris and they want to see it before Rte upload in later in the week. I really need to get a proper card and pipe stuff into the PC from the Sky Plus box and there is some over lap in content as my old camera has a 3 minute limit despite the 2 Gig card. Also I'm discussing nothing here and I will lock the thread so no one can discussion. You can feel free comment on my blog provided you play wish to nice.

This is the key moment for me

The whole thing

Part 2

Part 3

Waiting on Part 3 to process, but I can confirm there are no ewoks! Update, Part 3 is below.

I might think about doing some work on a few prequels and really cash in!