Sunday, March 30, 2008

And we're back!

After the little problem earlier, has returned by means of a trip to the home of President G.W. Bush (oh God what have we done!)

In other news, legal action is to be take against people pubs discussing the Late Late.


Eoin Brazil said...

JC Skinner has posted his side of the story on his blog and it makes very interesting reading.

Dan Sullivan said...

I've been wondering about the original post and what could possibly have libellous about it.

Eoin Brazil said...

It's gone again - seems Ward called in a second strike which has left shutdown.

Dan Sullivan said...

I can see it, perhaps the DNS isn't directing properly as yet to the correct location.

Bock the Robber said...

There was nothing libellous in it.

Even the opening post -- which caused most trouble -- was no more than speculation about the difficulty a lawyer would have when representing two clients with conflicting positions, where one client is considerably more influential than the other.

The rest of the posts were utterly innocuous. JC Skinner's contribution was nothing more than a series of entirely legitimate queestions.

I'm strongly tempted to take all the disputed points and re-post them as abstract, theoretical propositions. For open discussion of course.