Thursday, May 03, 2007

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Updated buttons from Green Ink

Independent Living Petition

Independent Living Petition

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”Support independent living for disabled adults

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Support independent living for disabled adults

As some of you might have been aware, I was somewhat enraged to discover that the state is planning to charge disabled adults for living in residential care settings.

So after a weekend in which I suspect I may have calmed down somewhat, I've gotten off my rear and am trying to do something about it.

You can show your support by signing the petition to "Support independent living for disabled adults" and also by raising the issue on the doorstep with all canvassers and candidates.

I am looking at put together a leaflet or a pledge that voters can print off and keep beside their doors and instead of members of the public just receiving literature from candidates perhaps we can give some back and inform them a little bit. Really make politics a real two way street. And I want and would ask that people to do this for candidates of all parties and none. I think everyone contesting the election should be aware of the wrongness of these charges.

Click below to access the petition

”Support independent living for disabled adults

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Monday, April 30, 2007

From being the meat in the sandwich to being a secret ingredient

What is this obsession with the PDs and food? Eight months ago McDowell was telling us all that the PDs were the meat in the government sandwich, and now they've been relegated by the same man to being some secret ingredient.

It's not like you could hardly call the meat in your sandwich much of a secret. Unless it was a very small piece of meat, and a flavourless piece lacking in texture at that. Perhaps that is what he was getting at.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

More on the clowns

I didn't twig that Una Mullaly is in fact Una of Una Rocks. So I withdraw my comments about giving me a ring if she's single as she decidedly taken to the best of my knowledge.

And the Pelican has been in touch with me by mail since I posted (Christ how much like a line from Batman the TV series does that sound?). Seems the Pelican has only just logged into their account today, and discovered a mail dated last Wednesday from Una querying they have copyright clearance for the video. They were out of the country during the week and not checking mail.

I've done some quick searching and it seems this version of "Send in the clowns" is the Judy Collins recording which was a Warner Brothers release and it seems Warner have a deal with YouTube regard the posting of their music. So it's not clear if separate clearance for a posting of the song on YouTube is required. To the best of my knowledge the clip was constructed for use at an FG conference in 2005, and updated slightly for the 2006 Ard Fheis to include McDowell's remark's about Richard Bruton.

I'm not sure if monies would actually need to changes hands for its use on YouTbue but if it were then it would have to be at a rate comparable to what a radio station might have to pay for playing a single tune to a few thousand people. After all YouTube tracks the number who have played the clip, even if they don't track how many have listened to it in its entirety. So how much would that be? I've tried looking at the IRMA site for some information but there isn't any. Perhaps someone from IRMA can tell us what prices they charge?

Willie's back!

This weeks Sunday Independent has a column from Willie O'Dea. So he hasn't gone to ground after all . As this edition of the paper is out after the dissolution of the Dail will it come under the Benefit in Kind form of expenditure during the course of the campaign?

As the entire column is an election broadcast for FF so how can anyone claim is this not a form of free advertising which as to be accounted for in his return?

Send in the clowns - Tribune "attempts" contact.

Strange use of the term 'contact' in the Sunday Tribune today page 11, Una Mullaly writes about the use of copyrighted music in various Youtube clips that political parties and the politically inclined have posted in recent times. She refers in the latter part of her piece to the Send in the Clowns montage piece (we need a montage!.. sorry Team America moment there. I'm all better now). Now there are two main accounts with that clip one of them is mine and the other belongs to someone called BluePelican.

In her piece she says that "The Sunday Tribune contacted the person who posted the video but received no response." I've checked my account this morning and there ain't no mail from the lovely Ms. Mullaly. Of course, if she's single and willing to talk I'm available to talk. The other account which has 2/3 times the hits, and is probably the one she is referring to is BluePelican. I've had a look at Blue Pelican's account on Youtube and the owner hasn't logged into it in 5 months! It's very plain to see if you even glance at their profile.

So I'm not at all sure where the Tribune gets the idea that they have contacted anyone, she would entitled to say that she had attempted to contact the person but failed, however she is not correct to say that she had contacted them.

Its a bit like the local canvassers dropping in the those "Sorry I missed you" cards from politicians when they haven't even ring the doorbell.

I think Richard Delevan who is one of the few people in the DTP on top of the online/webby side of campaigning should have a word with Una about writing stuff that completely undermines the rest of the story. To which there may be some validity.