Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Support independent living for disabled adults

As some of you might have been aware, I was somewhat enraged to discover that the state is planning to charge disabled adults for living in residential care settings.

So after a weekend in which I suspect I may have calmed down somewhat, I've gotten off my rear and am trying to do something about it.

You can show your support by signing the petition to "Support independent living for disabled adults" and also by raising the issue on the doorstep with all canvassers and candidates.

I am looking at put together a leaflet or a pledge that voters can print off and keep beside their doors and instead of members of the public just receiving literature from candidates perhaps we can give some back and inform them a little bit. Really make politics a real two way street. And I want and would ask that people to do this for candidates of all parties and none. I think everyone contesting the election should be aware of the wrongness of these charges.

Click below to access the petition

”Support independent living for disabled adults

And there is a button for your site courtesy of GreenInkPen if you want to demonstrate your support on your site.

To add the button to your Bebo/Blog/Myspace

Copy and paste the following code:


Sharon said...

Can you sign if you're resident in Northern Ireland?

Dan Sullivan said...

Sharon, your support is more than welcome, just indicate where you live as being outside the scope of the electoral area.