Sunday, April 29, 2007

Send in the clowns - Tribune "attempts" contact.

Strange use of the term 'contact' in the Sunday Tribune today page 11, Una Mullaly writes about the use of copyrighted music in various Youtube clips that political parties and the politically inclined have posted in recent times. She refers in the latter part of her piece to the Send in the Clowns montage piece (we need a montage!.. sorry Team America moment there. I'm all better now). Now there are two main accounts with that clip one of them is mine and the other belongs to someone called BluePelican.

In her piece she says that "The Sunday Tribune contacted the person who posted the video but received no response." I've checked my account this morning and there ain't no mail from the lovely Ms. Mullaly. Of course, if she's single and willing to talk I'm available to talk. The other account which has 2/3 times the hits, and is probably the one she is referring to is BluePelican. I've had a look at Blue Pelican's account on Youtube and the owner hasn't logged into it in 5 months! It's very plain to see if you even glance at their profile.

So I'm not at all sure where the Tribune gets the idea that they have contacted anyone, she would entitled to say that she had attempted to contact the person but failed, however she is not correct to say that she had contacted them.

Its a bit like the local canvassers dropping in the those "Sorry I missed you" cards from politicians when they haven't even ring the doorbell.

I think Richard Delevan who is one of the few people in the DTP on top of the online/webby side of campaigning should have a word with Una about writing stuff that completely undermines the rest of the story. To which there may be some validity.

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