Saturday, September 17, 2005

The remains of the King

What the King saw.

I saw these and thought they were reflective of opinions I would share in part.

1 - In the Beginning there was darkness, and what was so bad about that?

2 – So, young man. Where do you think you're coming from then, at this time of night? It is intended by the provided of this page that matters political should be presented by wise personages or people of sufficient belief in their own rightness that they will post opinions and in doing so an opportunity is provided for those matters to be discussed. Well, that is sort of how it was explained to me!

So, what do I think politics is? this is the "what's it all about, Kingy?" moment.

Two words. Choice. Change.

These twin Ccs are for me what defines all forms of politics and all political viewpoints. Depending on your views you either favour more choice in the world than there is at present or you favour there being less choice available or that the choice be available to only certain people. Similarly with change you either believe the society that you live in needs to change in some or all areas, or you believe that everything is fine as it is.

I believe in making as much choice available to people who are deemed by our society to be adults as is possible. Restrictions on those choices should only occur where they infringe on the rights of other people both adult and non-adult to make choices of their own.

I believe that to do this the society in which I live needs to change. Many of those changes would be quite radical. However, I don't propose that this change happen overnight. Indeed, I believe the society is currently unprepared or ill-equipped to take on such adult roles.

One might say we need to embark on a state of permanent revolution!

Isn't it time it was your choice for a change?


see..... said...

Hello Daniel,

I was interested in

"Indeed, I believe the society is currently unprepared or ill-equipped to take on such adult roles."

Since I too beleive in 'Choice' amd 'Change' I was discouraged to read the above in your preamble. Could I suggest that if choice and liberty are exercised collectively not indiviudally then we could make some changes.

Dan Sullivan said...

Well, I agree that people should make decision taking into consideration more than their own personal desires and needs. However, in the absence of people being able to make decisions themselves it is problematic to see how they might do so collectively without simply following the lead of someone else.

I appreciate your comment. Please note that I've not attended to this site as I might. I am intending tp to be revamping it and updating it more frequently in the New Year, work allowing.

Just out of curiousity how did you come across it?