Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1140 days to go

Not a lot to report that would be interest to the casual viewer though I've been given some considerable pause to wonder if the political life is worth anything when you see behaviour like that at the PD conference where policies are recycled in such a brazen manner.

The Pretty Desperate Partyif you ask me.

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Ciara said...

Dan thanks for the comment on my blog (it makes me feel special!). You are probably correct that my sexual exploit dreams are probably not the best way to introduce someone to my blog.

For bicycle safety...PLEASE WEAR A HELMET!!! I can't stress it enough. I've had some accidents on my bike where the helmet is the only reason i'm still alive today (had a pretty gruesome one on Princes Street in Edinburgh).

You lived in Gunma...nice. I live a lot further north than that. Think Hokkaido and 2 prefectures down. It's bloody cold and the snow only melted 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the well wishes, I think it'll be about 13 weeks before i get back to Limerick.

Also one last thing, i looked at some pics on one of your blogs and there was someone's 30th party...dis i see a guy called Conor Flannery in a pic?