Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Floating Aer Lingus

One of the main concerns around the floating of Aer Lingus is around the strategic nature of air travel for an island nation and the value of the slots into UK airports in particular Heathrow and the possibility that a private company might be tempted to sell those assests to companies which might fly into those slots from non-Irish destinations.

My suggestion would be that the current Aer Lingus would continue to exist as a state owned holding company and that it would own the landing slots, it would in turn then license those slots to the new floated Aer Lingus entity. This would be mean the slots would be retained in the control of the Irish people while Aer Lingus the transportation company would be free to expand.


Simon said...

I had that idea as well. Not sure it nesscarily need but have no difficulty with it. In fact the slots should be open to any airline doing a london irish route

Anonymous said...
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