Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tony Killeen - vote for my staff, they do it all

This story doesn't seem to going away, but it also doesn't seem likely to cost Killeen his job.

My personal view is that as a TD he ran for election largely based on what he does for his constituents, then we find out he does not actually do these things for his constituents it is in fact his staff that do them (who are in part or wholy funded by the taxpayer who provide money for a constituency office). This being the case why then do we not get to vote for his staff if they are doing the work rather than him?

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P O'Neill said...

From Friday's Irish Times

These are in addition to two other representations revealed in recent days, where Mr Killeen sought Cooney's early release. The latest letters to emerge were written to the Minister for justice Michael McDowell in 2003 and 2004 and signed by councillor Pat Daly, who is an adviser to Mr Killeen.

So another thing it reveals is the standard trick of all the TDs, when the dual mandate of councillor and TD was forbidden, of just manoeuvering their advisers into the councillor jobs.