Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Labour Civil Union bill and Colm O'Gorman's leader's reaction

I was struck when listening to the radio on last Tuesday night by the vehemence of Minister McDowell's response to the opposition during the debate about the Labour civil union Bill.

It then occurred to me that it must be even more strange for Colm O'Gorman, someone for whom the notion of civil unions in Ireland is of more than academic interest, that the party he is now a member of and a candidate for was playing politics with this issue.

What exactly is so defective about the Labour Bill? Indeed, what was so terrible about the Labour Bill that meant that he as minister for Justice wasn't proposing amendments and then passing it into law with a view to revising it later. Instead he has long fingered the proposal for a number of years at least.

Perhaps the truth lies more in the fact that the PDs may be dependent on the transfers of FF candidates in a number of constituencies and irrespective of the PD's own position it is important not to spook the FFers.


Simon said...

I think McDowells main point was that mainly the Zappone case was not yet decided by the supmere court. And that is was better to wait for the Zappone judgement and then precicide. Rather then preceded and find out a few months later it is unconstitutional and have to be repealed.

Dan Sullivan said...

Perhaps you are right but the tone of his voice was frightening. And since when has the possibility that something might be again before the courts been a reason for McDowell not to act. Just look at the BUPA situation. There may be further legal action but that didn't stop them acting.