Saturday, February 03, 2007

Michael 'Vicky Pollard' McDowell

Recently, Minister McDowell appears to have lost the plot. He is coming across as petty and silly as his partner in government throws winks at all and sundry in a desperate effort to ensure that he has alternate options for his dance card after the election. It is behaviour strangely reminiscent of a possessive lover bitching about other parties that his current partner FF is casting his eyes at.

Oh er look at Labour, isn’t she fat?

Sinn Fein, they’ve no breeding. They're completely nouveau riche.

And the Greens she's a flaky spend thrift, buys all her clothes from a charity. She never washes herself and she smells…

This is what passes for intellectual debate in the law library these days I guess.

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Pavement Trauma said...

Sorry but you've awakened by inner-pedant. A 'spend thrift' is someone who is extravagent and excessively wasteful.

Pavement Trauma said...

... and a proper pedant is someone who reads back over his comment before pressing 'publish'. My inner pedant has retreated back into an unconscious, slightly embarrassed state.

Dan Sullivan said...

I would take the view that a spend thrift is someone who spends a lot of money to save a small amount of money. Like buying an SUV because it save a person doing 3% of their trips to the shops in 3 year period.

I could try and wriggle out by claiming writer's privilege in that it actually wasn't me using the phrase "spend thrift" rather it was the jealous and confused PD voter how was claiming in one voice that someone is a spend thrift and also that they use only charity shops, but I won't.

Anonymous said...

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