Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Frakking RSI

I woke early on Monday morning with a shocking pain in my right arm and nothing I did would make it go away. Took some Solpadeine and while it dulled it, it didn't leave. After some thought I ended up get a shot in the arm from a doc ( and at what cost!). Probably it was cortisone but I didn't ask. It was not a pleasant experience at all and I've gone and bought myself a wrist support thingy, and I'm going to source a proper chair for the table the computer is on so I can make sure I'm at the right height. Hopefully, just a warning scare and nothing more. I have an aunt who got very bad arthritis in her late thirties so there is possible something lurking in the genes.

I was thinking that I should be claiming that I didn't win because my v'cast was too controversial. That somehow the government moved to have it and Mr. PotatoHead suppressed. I don't believe that at all. The winning entry was much more of a video that mine and I can see why the judges went with it. Actually, I'm not even sure if a v'cast belongs in a Blog awards. However, I wasn't going to make that point while I was still in with a chance to win.

In more political news the prospect of jobs losses at P&G at Nenagh should be sending alarm bells ringing at the department of Trade and Industry. Though whether there is anyone home to hear those bells is an open question. Michael Martin only does the good news I guess. My previous post on Dell is beginning to seem worryingly prescient.

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