Monday, March 12, 2007

Harney caught at press launch by voter

On the TV3 news yesterday we had what might have been an early contender for one the moments of the as yet undeclared election campaign. Harney was challenged at the luanch of the latest PD campaign truck/poster on the state of A&E by an voter the lack of any paediatric immunology cover in Ireland. It was on the 5.30pm TV3 news. Sadly, TV3 don't stream or archive their news nor do they do a late night news or I would have recorded it then.

It is reminiscent of this moment for Blair in 2001, not quite as damaging perhaps but a sign of the times for Harney

Strangly no one else covered it or showed the footage though I'm pretty sure RTe had cameras there. I suspect we may see more of this in the rest of the campaign.


Twenty Major said...

The bloke was on the radio earlier talking to that simpering wagon Brenda Power.

Quadra950 said...

...some one recorded it an put it on you tube!