Monday, April 23, 2007

The date of the Irish general election

I believe that Bert will called the election early on Tuesday May 1st, having all the other deputies come back to Dublin for the sitting while the FFers get an extra hour in bed and straight onto the campaign trail. It also means that they don't start the election as they would if they call it this week with the MRBI poll as the first spin of the campaign and it could be a bad one. And the Taoiseach was very insistent about calling it in summer 2007 and the 1st of May is the first day of summer.

After covering myself in such glory with my prediction of the French Presidential election I might be better off keeping my thoughts to myself but sure it is what I reckon will happen.

Oh and the date is probably 24th, but he could even go for the 23rd or 22nd. He did say to Harry McGee that he had never mentioned a Thursday.


Harry McGee said...

You were right about the date. And he did intend to go on May 1, until the sudden rush to dissolve the Dail before the President away to the US. What motivated that? The need to head the Tribunal off at the pass? Or the need of a Taoiseach to observe the proper protocol in seeking a dissolution of the Dail?
Most people have made up their minds at this stage.

Dan Sullivan said...

To be fair, my original inclination was that it would be the 31st. I think we could see an entire book chapter at some point on the chaos of the last week of the 29th Dail.