Saturday, April 14, 2007

NUI how to update the register – call the tax man.

Use our PPS/RSI numbers

Most students from Irish 3rd level educational institutions will remember those ever so helpful notices in student administration offices telling us that the local social welfare offices had been informed that we were full time students just in case anyone was the slightest bit tempted to try and sign on for the dole while attending third level. Of course to do so they needed our PPS numbers or RSI number as they were called then. So the college administration have on record the PSS/RSI numbers of all students who attended and this in turn means that they have the PPS/RSI numbers of all graduates. That is one side of the problem solved, identifying who can vote.

Now who could possible know where most of these people if they still live in Ireland might be? Why the tax man of course! The revenue has the current address of all taxpayers in the state. Now if the colleges to send on those PPS numbers of graduates to the revenue naturally with the money to cover the cost of one envelope per voter containing a registration form and a prepaid envelope address. Then the revenue could send same to all those PPS/RSI holders they have on record without any concern about a breach of confidentiality. That solves the other side, identifying where people live.

Combine this with automatic registration at graduate ceremonies and we could expect to have an accurate and up to date register instead of the poor condition it is right now. Such measures would increase the registration level from pitiful 30/40% to closer to 90% in my view.

All the information is there in the system it is simply a matter of making best use of it.


Joe said...

hmmm, nice idea but those that attended didn't necessarily graduate.

Dan Sullivan said...

Oh I agree but since the colleges have the PPS numbers of all that attended and they also know who graduated. The latter is a subset of the former so they have the PPS numbers of all graduates.

Katie said...

The ollege i went did not make you give your pps number, it was optional! Of course using an individuals ps number to register people to vote ( and remove dead people from the register) makes far too much sense!