Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision debacle

Christ it was bad, a really bad song. And RTe are telling us that the ethnic route didn't work on the night for us. Isn't it kind of strange to be portraying ourselves as this land of peasant folk with flowers in our hair to the various countries of Eastern Europe who we are repeatedly view us as some sort of economic totem.

I still think the one from Georgia was just great.


Eoin Brazil said...

I'll have to say compared to the rest she was nice but well - sorry to say it Dan but below the hotness level of some of the other ladies competing.

She has something going however, bit like Nena or Natalie Imbruglia.

Anonymous said...

Now that Scotland has had it's right to a separate entry recognised, separate entries for Scotland, England, Wales, N. Ireland, Shetland Islands, East Anglia & Cornwall ... may be the only way forward , to redress the imbalance of the Eastern Bloc voting.

What common cultural identity did the UK ever have anyway.