Saturday, July 14, 2007

If you're voting for me, you might think about voting for these folks too.

I'm in no position to ordering people about the place with regard to who they should be voting for. Below and above are the people that through the course of the campaign have impressed and for whom I'd be voting in no particular order if I had a vote.
Valerie Bresnihan - I believe her reform intents are more genuine. And she has a rounded agenda.

Paddy Healy - as someone from DIT whose colleagues and student is more directly impacted by the issues around the franchise I believe he would more of a effort. I don't agree with him re: benchmarking though.

Martina Lowe - someone with a disability who is also working in the area someone with a different perspective who would be able to articulate it. No shrinking violet and no token either.

Brendan Price - in the words of aul Sammy Beckett someone who is willing to get in there "kicking against the pricks".

Liam Crowley - I know he's FF but what harm someone from Puck in the Seanad?

John Kennedy - ah sure true enough he's a member of Young Fine Gael but of the rest he's the least worst.

Those would be

Just missing the cut

Linda O'Shea Farren - capable but I'm not sure what she is all about

The trio of incumbents, able gents but why no action on voting rights over the last 15 years? Where's the Bill you could have introduced?


Simon said...

Look Dan I read the thread on indymedia about you and as your clearly are a neo-con shell crony.

Dan Sullivan said...

Oh yeah sure indymedia they really got my number. According to them everyone to the right of Trotsky is a neo con and everyone who oils their bike is in the pay of Big Oil.

Simon said...

You seem to take being a neo-con shell crony as a bad thing :) Don't worry they don't give votes to secondary school students

Dan Sullivan said...

I think that being a neo-con is so last century and I'm no a Cro-Mag? ...maybe

Primal Sneeze said...

I say Nuke the Whales. Just for the oil and the energy mind. In reverse order.

Anyway, to save you canvassing, I mean commenting, over at my place the Primal has cast his vote.

1. Tina
2. Dan
3. Didn't bother with a third. No-one else impressed.

I hope you're okay with a second preference ... this time.

Dan Sullivan said...

Primal, I'm honoured to receive a 2nd preference. Thank you