Monday, February 11, 2008

President Mary White?

Part 1

Part 2 - you could probably skip the first 20 secs of Padraic White talk.

The quality of the video isn't fantastic I will admit but the content is just priceless. I'm inclined to produce a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version in short order.


Anonymous said...

Looks like youtube has eaten the videos. Pity, I'd love to see what she has to say

Damien said...

Sorry, posted too quickly above :D

Reading it back again, don't want to be misunderstood. I'm not saying I support her campaign, I know little about it but at this stage I wouldn't be a supporter.

ScaryGirl said...

Thanks so much for publishing this - it's hilarious. Fair play to Ursula Halligan - she let Mary hang herself.

Anonymous said...

the cheeck of mary white i worked for lir chocolates and i never walked with with my head held down and i wasn't from a deprived backround either

Dan Sullivan said...

What is strange about her telling of the starting of the company because of the deprived area she was in but the company recently moved from East Waall to Navan, so when was it in the deprived area of Dundrum she lived in?

Anonymous said...

Excellent footage. i had the pleasure of working for her also and it was the biggest nightmare of my life...the other lady connie was a pure lady but this one was unreal...did you hear her saying she created the company to provide that why she employed her own daughter??(who did not have a good relationship with her mother BTW) i will do all i can to block her from becoming president....she cannot be a representative for our wonderful country...the shame of it. thanks so much for posting...i thought i'd come out in sweats of have steam coming out my ears listening to her but that was brilliant.