Friday, March 07, 2008

The coming blog deluge

Was chatting to someone over lunch a while back about a side project on blogging and conversation and I mentioned my aside over on Kathy Foley "What happens if the Beboers decide to move on?" At least a few may decide that they have more to write than Bebo allows for. If even 1% of the purported 1 million Beboers in Ireland were to start blogging over the next year it would truly represent exponential growth in blogging in Ireland in a very, very short period of time. We were thinking about what that might mean to blogging in particular in the Irish context with all the talk of a 'community' and also the nature of comment, discussion and conversation around and within blogs. I suspect it may well feed in our thinking and planning on the side project, which is sadly lacking a code name at present.

A project without a codename isn't worthy of a back of beermat business plan.


Francis said...

When considering this one might look to something like as a precadent. When it started off it was a small community, which has experienced massive growth, yet still manages to be a community.

The majority of those beboers may not decide to blog as often or as regularly as most of the blogs you and I read, and some may even keep their blogs as private as their bebo pages.

There will still be a "community" I think.

Anonymous said... sexiness