Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can't someone just shoot Mugabe

I do wonder sometimes at human beings. We have our professed respect for human life raised to such a level that no one but no one will state the obvious and suggest that the primary blockage to people not being killed in Zimbabwe is one man. If some governments were to outline a path out of the chaos that is Zimbabwe today and that if someone will just take an opportunity and shoot Mugabe dead and take him out of the picture that they will be looked after. This is not the idea that if you remove the head the rest will wilt. Instead that if you remove the head and offer an alternative that is attractive and more certain that people might choose it to the benefit of all.

We could have done the same with Saddam, outline publicly to the upper levels of the Ba'ath party that we wanted a 1/2 year transition to democracy and that they could leave Iraq with some mild pilfering of the state coffers. If they didn't comply we would shoot them all and leave their families penniless after an invasion. If they shot Saddam and did what we asked them we might not like it but it would have better than what we have now.


killian forde said...

I heard some respected commentator yesterday casually calling for this, can't remember who!!

On a side note - I think the reporting on Zimbabwe has reached cartoonish levels. There is little or no analysis, no proferred solutions and repetiton of assertions as fact.

Hubris said...

Right Wing British War Mongerers for Democratic Change?

So, who provides the money to that wonderfully independent and fantastically democratic political party MDC (Millions of Dead curly-haired-people) and it’s inspirational leader Mr Morgan (Can you kill Mugabe for me?) Tsvangirai?