Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The C Word

Audits, prioritisation, efficiencies, savings, even reductions but Brian Lenihan just wouldn't say we're looking at cutbacks. If you deliver less services than you did the year before or if you deliver fewer services than you planned while still spend more money than before then you've cut back.

I did enjoy the little visual joke when Adrian Lydan was reporting that no department would be spared which was accompanied by a clip of a few cows in a field - no sacred cows geddit!

And on the topic of the RTe Nine o'clock news, why are they showing the prosecuting lawyer for the Collins Howard conspiracy? Is it normal to identify the prosecution in such a manner? I'll post on the trial itself once its done.


killian forde said...

Keeping with the farm animals theme it seems the chickens are coming home to roost on the property pyramid scheme that the govt has been running for the past years.

Pity the shepherd himself resigned before it all went tits up

Dan Sullivan said...

Now that is a news report I'd be interested in seeing visualised. Can we get the all seeing eye from the US dollar pyramid into it? These chickens are headless of course. I do find it interesting that so many are so blasé about borrowing 8 billion to cover the shortfall. Note it was a really bad idea for some reason to borrow or get the NTMA to fund infrastructure when times were good and credit was cheap but now it is more expensive it is a great idea! And let's be up front about this, the borrowing is going to be as much to pay for current spending as capital projects.