Monday, August 18, 2008

Not long now

Is it just me or does the delays in the Russian withdrawal from Georgia proper remind anyone else of a couch surfer you met while on holidays, who turns up on your doorstep to take you up on your inebriated offer of crashage and who then makes themselves more at home that you intended and who appears to have no concrete plans to shift themselves.

"We'll be out of your hair tomorrow! Probably..."



It's a lot worse than that. What the Russians are doing to Georgia now is a repeat of what they did to Czechoslovakia in 1968 - exactly 40 years ago - and to Hungary in 1956.
Leopards never change their spots, and the Russian bear does not even have spots he could change...

Dan Sullivan said...

The Russian seem to have twigged earlier than most that we're reverting to a 21st century version of what the British called the Great Game.

I'd be watching the approach roads to Kaliningrad if I was NATO.