Monday, September 15, 2008

Eurovision to be fixed!

The folks behind the Eurovision have announced that they are to re-introduce jury voting to run alongside the popular votes. Hurrah, that should finally restore some much needed credibility to the world's premier kitsch fest. Might Terry come back?

N.B. I still reckon Sopho was robbed last year.


Lottie said...

When you said it was to be fixed - I though you meant "dealt with" and therefore gotten rid of.


Dan Sullivan said...

You can't say that about the Eurovision. It's one of the most brilliant pieces of harmless car crash television that has ever existed.

Of course, fixed could also have meant neutered which in some senses it will be.

squid said...

its is workable, let the televoting distribute the 1-7 points and have a jury distribute the 8 10 and 12 points

although I wouldn't relish 42 countries doing this (see video below)