Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things you hate to love

Caught this at the weekend* on Dave!, Stephen Fry talking about things you hate to love, like in his case, Darts! (the game/sport, not the band) and ABBA, and Georgette Heyer and gibberish and swearing. It was a fantastic concept for a show. I hope it was real and not one of those things that your brain does while you're sleeping. Read more here.

*I was tired, I'm writing a paper on something and I had nothing to wear so I stayed in, it happens.


Lottie said...

I love Stephen Fry - obviously I have been loving in some dark secret world of my own as I only recently realised he was Gay.

My master plan of kidnapping him, forcing him to be my genius love slave and read books aloud to me every day and eventually convincing him that I was the woman for him won't work now.....probably....

Celtic donkey said...

Love Stephen Fry! You should check out his podcasts... great stream of consciousness stuff, very entertaining.