Friday, January 09, 2009

Duffy vs. Carmel

With all the attention Duffy has gotten over the last twelve months, it is worth remember those who have travelled the same ground but without the same level of coolness. Not that she doesn't deserve it but there can be a tendency by the more youthful to believe such voices came out of the blue. About two decades back we had Carmel who sadly in my view was overly tagged as simple easy listening.

Carmel - Sally

Carmel - Bad Day

So Duffy isn't the first nasally twanged chanteuse we've had to delight us.

Click below for Duffy's: Rain on your Parade (Polydor have disabled embedding from YouTube) for comparison.

Imagine if Carmel had had a Mark Ronson type around at the time to produce her stuff.


brice said...

this morning, after having made some clean up on my CDs, I put on "The drum is every Thing" form who you know... and the light comes !!
my two neurones switch on and I connect on what Duffy was remembering me of. As far as, my daugthers and me were about to think she was comming back with another name. But my wise wife heard the difference, saying the first voice was deeper, and thanks to you, the doubt is out.
Brice Rennes France

belinda said...

i am glad someone else has recognized the similarity to Carmel. i thought it might b same voice, but Carmel was in my college couldnt b, right?

Anonymous said...

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