Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bertie Ahern "Liar in Chief" - Sue me.

So it turns out that Bertie has being lying all along in the lead up to the tribunal, he told everyone who would listen and many who preferred to have the chance not to that he had fully cooperated with the tribunal, that he was eager to get into it and have his day in court so to speak. As we have seen over the last 2 days that is emphatically not the case, he has dragged his feet on every occasion, he asked that the tribunal only look at his accounts from 89-92 when they were in fact dormant as a consequence of his separation and his lawyers asked on his behalf that only amounts over 30,000 should be examined. That would hardly constitution full and fair disclosure if he were in the business of selling houses.

It is worth noting that when you consider all the months and months it apparently took Bertie and pals to unearth all those tedious details about his bank accounts that right from the "get go" (as our American cousins would say) he and his lawyers were adamant that the threshold should be 30K. How did they come to pick this monetary sum unless they in fact knew that he made it a habit to deal only in the amounts less than this figure.

So let me be quite plain about this Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach of Ireland, has lied and he has lied about his lying. It's time for the truth. If Bertie can prove otherwise let him sue me.


Anonymous said...

But he has presided over an economic miracle.

Political Quote said...

So did Hitler! What's your point.

If the economy is good let morals and everything else go to hell?

A Slippery Slope.

john mcDermott said...

If we cant do anything about it, and we cant cry-well then join me and have a laugh on: !

Anonymous said...

Bertie is a bluffer all the policies that he is taking credit for were already taking place before he ever got into power.
This great mircale your on about was created by developers building houses for people who came back to Ireland in the mid 90s to work in the multinational companies that had set up Ireland.We were only playing catch up with other EU countries
Bertie and his boys and girls ran away from Irish indigenous tech companies in favour of construction development and now leaves us dependant on costruction to prop up the economy.
They also increased the costs of nearly every service rates,esb,etc
The minium wage is now out of control and will stay that way because people need more money to live, so businesses will have to increase the cost of goods in shop ,hotels etc.
The Public Service is a Laugh controlled by unions and the pay levels are crippling the country.
The only one Bertie got right was the Revenue Dept because it pays his wages and allows him to buy votes.
You will find in a few years time what a lovely welfare state we are
In Ireland there are a lot of people in denial about this present government but just watch and wait for it to unravel

Anonymous said...

its even sadder that there is nothing better to replacve the current crowd with!

Anonymous said...

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