Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ripoff Art.E

The recent coverage of the proposed new statue / scuplture by Antony Gormley has missed a basic fact, it's not new at all. It is one he did earlier and in Ireland too. I should say I rather like the Angel of the North, or the "what the fuck is that?" as it was known for the first few months of its life.

Look at this forlorn lad, head downcast, hands by his side. He is known locally as the Rusty Man and is set in the plaza of UL.

and then look at the proposed chap standing in the Liffey

It's the exact same frigging dude, down to the stance and the hands in the pockets about to mooch a fag look. A moppy looking student type is all well and good hanging around the plaza in UL but standing next to the quays in Dublin peering down the blouses of our tourists?

The strange thing is that yet again something that is meant to be about the docklands as a new area bringing together the north and south of the city ends up turning his rather ample arse to the northside. Now what we should really get is something like this spanning the river!

Come on you know you'd like it. And those things do look like cool sabres or should that be sabers? Hmm....


Joe said...

Don't you like our Rusty Man? (proper name is "Together and Apart")

Dublin's piece it isn't a copy, but rather a piece by the same artist who has many pieces that follow a pattern.

Compare our RM:
with this dude:
or this guy:
I could go on and on

mgb said...

we could have hurleys crossing the river

Dan Sullivan said...

Joe, I'm on quite friendly terms with the rusty man, often meet up with him for lunch. Are you suggesting Antony cogs his own work a lot?

mgb, hurls in Dublin?

Anonymous said...

I like this one

and this one

And this is how I feel when I find out how much they cost

And Mike,

Hurleys in Dublin, you've got to be kidding. The only thing more farcical is hurleys in Kerry.

Dan Sullivan said...

This is called bursting for one

Joe said...

I suggest one for Tralee holding the Sam Maguire

There is a fine line between being lazy and having a consistent style/message