Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dublin South bye-election - Part 2

This could be the PDs Bootle byelection, if Fiona O'Malley runs (and she simply has to given that she announced she was targeting this constituency once DL went to 4 seats; she can't choose to nor run now in a constituency where they had a seat up to the last election and then try to run in the next general election) and if she gets considerably less than what Liz O'Donnell got - say under 5% - then the party would have some cause to simply wind itself up much as the SDP had to do after coming in behind the Monster Raving Loony Party.


mgb said...

And if she wins (!) she can probably get to be leader as its better to be leader from the dail than the seanad and so on.

Would Brian appoint another PD to the senate?

Dan Sullivan said...

They would hardly rerun the leadership election so soon. No[pre, I suspect she will run, bomb and then the party will be over. Last chance saloon.