Sunday, January 18, 2009

Battlestar speculation

I think that a resurrection hub or hyper/sub space connection to a particular type of resurrection hub close to Kobol or the colonies or even on one of the Colonial worlds is in orbit around the earth or maybe even located on Mars or the Moon, or Alpha Centuri . This type of resurrection facility can resurrect anyone who is of Cylon heritage which includes all the Colonials. (Surprise!)

If we remember back Kobol was actually quite inhabitable, a bit of a fixer upper but the Colonials have time on their hands and no fear of hard work. Just look at what they managed to do with New Capricia and that was a hole of a place. The big reason at the time to run Kobol was that the Colonials were being chased about the galaxy by the Cylons and were following the belief that Earth would be a safe haven from those awful toasters. That is no longer case if the Colonials have win out against the remaining Cylons in the civil war.

So now they could return all to Kobol and start anew. Cylons and humans alike. However, we would also be in the know that the process would really just be starting all over again. We know that in time Earth would (remember the plant that Roslin picked up), as will the Colonial worlds, be inhabitable again, and so the cycle can begin anew. They seem to be all about the cycles in Battlestar. Remember even the series itself is a re-imagining of something we've already seen. So in my view the remainder of the series will see them win out against the bad Cylons and settle down with the good Cylons on Kobol.

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