Saturday, January 17, 2009

So it seems the Final Cylon is

someone who falls broadly under my initial prediction though it would appear I was wrong as the specific instance. Or at least that is what we're lead to believe. Avoid clicking the link above if you don't wish to be in any way spoiled.

That said I think they may play around with us a bit more, indeed I was half expecting to get some straight up visual clue that undermines that this is really Earth. To their credit they're being much more subtle than that.


Ms. SP said...

I came back because I remembered reading your first post about the eventual reveal of the Fifth. Full credit where credit is due.

Dan Sullivan said...

Thanks Ms. SP. Interesting that your idea of why it might be good if it were Callie has come into play with Saul and the Six's situation.

And are we really sure that Ellen wasn't a Six?